Naogaon district in Google Map Street View

This the Naogaon-Rajshahi district border point,
from where Google Map started capturing street view

Science and technologies are illuminating our lives every moment through their deep contribution. With the help of a small and pocket size mobile phone, we are now getting all the necessary information of life.

Digital map is an unparalleled contribution in our life and with its help it is very easy to find any location or destination. Google is pioneer in digital mapping technology. Over the time, Google has added many modern features to their map service. Street View is one of their most innovative features. This feature allows people to see their location in 360 degree view. This is Google named, street view.

11 Police station phone number of Naogaon district

An official logo of Bangladesh Police

When it comes about security, there is no other best options rather than taking help of police force. In this modern world, this universal fact is applicable for any geography of the world. Police forces are created to ensure and protect citizen's rights. But, sometimes citizens have got bitter experience from the police force, too. Whether it's comes by the police of any country, it's not a good thing.