Rivers in Naogaon District

Bank of Little Jamuna River
Naogaon District town situated on the bank of this river
Naogaon district has 10 rivers. Some of tributaries are there. Teesta River is the main source of these rivers. Todays Little Jamuna river was former flow path of Teesta River. Once Jamuna river was much bigger. The slope of the land of Naogaon on the south-east side. So all of the rivers flows southeast.

  1. Atrai River
  2. Punarbhaba River
  3. Little Jamuna River
  4. Gur River
  5. Dhol River or Dhol Sea
  6. Tulshiganga River
  7. Nagor River
  8. Noor River
  9. Fokinni River
  10. Shiva River

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