Balihar Rajbari, Naogaon

Mandir building inside Bolihar Rajbari in Naogaon
Balihar Royal Palace or Bolihar Rajbari (Bengali: বলিহার রাজবাড়ি) is one of the oldest palaces in Sadar upazila of Naogaon. Royal Palace is located on the west side of the Naogaon-Rajshahi highway. There were 330 ponds and dighis in Balihar estate area. Up till now there are many dighis and ponds. Their euphonious names were such as Malahar, Sitahar, Balihar, Antahar and many more.

Balihar Kings were highly educated, so they had sophisticated taste. King Krisnendranath Roy Bahadur was a writer. Kings were was a mini-zoo too. There were tigers, bears, monkeys, deer and various species of birds and animals.

This palace building is surrounded by a boundary wall.
No one can go inside it. So it is in a bit of good condition

Main Entrance of Balihar Royal Palace 

Zamindari system was abolished during the partition period. Like other kings, the last king of Balihar, Bimalendu Roy goes to India.

One building of the palace was used as a local school class room. Later, government build a new building for the school and the school was moved. After the school was moved to a new school building, the palace was abandoned. After many years, local Hindu community people clean the Mandir cutting down the jungle of the abandoned palace and started puja again.

Newly constructed Mandir inside the palace 

Front view of Balihar Royal palace Mandir building 

An unknown stair can be seen in the palace complex

Back view of main entrance of Balihar Rajbari in Naogaon

Top angle view of entrance of Balihar Rajbari in Naogaon

After the departure of all the kings in India, almost all palaces are in careless condition. This Palace is the also in careless condition. But it is quite good-looking than nearly situated Dubolhati Rajbari under Naogaon Sadar Upazila.

Local Bazaar in-front of Balihar Rajbari, Naogaon 

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