Mobile phone health service contact number of Naogaon

Government initiative to give citizens health service over mobile phone

Assume that the fierce rain and you have become sick. Maybe you are unable to move physically to have health care or drugs because of bad weather. But if you get Immediate health services through the mobile phone, that will be better for you. Yes, in our country government is providing citizens immediate health service over the mobile phone. Here are all of the Upazila level hospital of Naogaon's mobile phone number being given.

Health service contact number of Naogaon

Name of Hospitals                         
Mobile No.

Atrai, Naogaon
Atrai Upazila Health Complex                        01730324668

Badalgchi, Naogaon
Badalgchi Upazila Health Complex               01730324669

Dhamairhat, Naogaon
Dhamairhat Upazila Health Complex            01730324670

Manda, Naogaon
Manda Upazila Health Complex                    01730324671

Mohadevpur, Naogaon
Mohadevpur Upazila Health Complex           01730324672

Niamatpur, Naogaon
Niamatpur Upazila Health Complex              01730324673

Patnitala, Naogaon
Patnitala Upazila Health Complex                01730324674

Porsha, Naogaon
Porsha Upazila Health Complex                   01730324675

Raninagar, Naogaon
Raninagar Upazila Health Complex             01730324676

Sapahar, Naogaon
Sapahar Upazila Health Complex                01730324677

District Sadar, Naogaon
District Hospital                                             01730324810

Note: we're here to serve you the information. We are not responsible for the quality or availability of the service.

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