Dubolhati Rajbari, Naogaon

Almost destroyed Dubolhati Rajbari still cool

Dubolhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari or Dubalhati Royal Palace is about 200 years old. Locally it is called Dubolhati Rajbari (Bengali: দুবলহাটি রাজবাড়ি). Rajbari is Bengali word and it's meaning is king's house. Dubolhati estate started by Raja Krishnanath Roy Chowdhury in 1793 near Naogaon. Krisnanath had no son. This is why In 1853 son of his daughter Horonath Roy Chowdhury became king. In his period Horonath spreads his estate and many development have been done. He dig many ponds next to the royal palace to solve fresh drinking water crisis for the people. A school was established in 1864 by the initiative of the royal family. This school is named after the name of King Horonath.

Almost destroyed Dubolhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Budolhati Royal Palace is now abandoned. But once the palace was at least one hundred spacious bedrooms, artistic veranda, colorful glass decoration and the main attraction was different kind of sculpture.

Here are some photographs

Front view from the pond

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Almost destroyed Dubal hati Rajbari in Naogaon

If the government and locals were conscious,
there was no way to go the Bubalhati Royal palace in the
decrepit condition and it was possible to make it as a tourist attraction
Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon Upazila: this is
nside the palace. Now there be no attraction left
Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon: See, it looks
like a ghostly castle wall. Visitors will not be able to
understand seeing it what royal prosperity was in the past
Dubalhati Rajbari: now it looks like a disrepair castle

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari: this destroyed building blocks are still notifying
its presence. Day after day, it is going to be destroyed due to negligence

Dubalhati Rajbari: Here was a roof. However,
as a result of the collapse, now it seems a cave

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari: this is a Watchtower that was built on the edge of the palace

Dubalhati Rajbari: It seems to be a Watchtower,
but this is a part of the palace structures remain standing

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari: some parts of the palace, it would seem like a jungle

Dubalhati Rajbari: this upper part of the palace still notifying it’s splendid past

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari: now the sky can be seen through the opening roof and windows

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon: local young guys
come here for hangout. They
drew this portrait of the king and queen of fun

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon: This pathway
appears to be scary. But at one time it was well equipped

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon: all the doors and windows of the
palace have been removed by unknown. No doors or windows are left now

It not the real Bubalhati Rajbari; its turns out;
it is not the form of the original palace

Is was a nice weather when we were taking photos of Bubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari in Naogaon: a beautiful pond in front of the palace

King Haranath Roy Chowdhury goes to India during the partition period. Later, the Archaeology Department of Bangladesh Government takes the responsibility of the royal palace as public resources. Dubolhati Rajbari is a great antiquarian palace in Naogaon district. But the government did not take any steps to save the palace. It is now almost destroyed. Most of the palace was destroyed. Maybe after a few years there will be no marks left out, there will be history only.

Dubolhati royal palace is about 6 KM away from Naogaon town.

Photography: Rumon Anam

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