Mobile phone health service contact number of Naogaon

Government initiative to give citizens health service over mobile phone

Assume that the fierce rain and you have become sick. Maybe you are unable to move physically to have health care or drugs because of bad weather. But if you get Immediate health services through the mobile phone, that will be better for you. Yes, in our country government is providing citizens immediate health service over the mobile phone. Here are all of the Upazila level hospital of Naogaon's mobile phone number being given.

Health service contact number of Naogaon

Dubolhati Rajbari, Naogaon

Almost destroyed Dubolhati Rajbari still cool

Dubolhati Rajbari in Naogaon

Dubalhati Rajbari or Dubalhati Royal Palace is about 200 years old. Locally it is called Dubolhati Rajbari (Bengali: দুবলহাটি রাজবাড়ি). Rajbari is Bengali word and it's meaning is king's house. Dubolhati estate started by Raja Krishnanath Roy Chowdhury in 1793 near Naogaon. Krisnanath had no son. This is why In 1853 son of his daughter Horonath Roy Chowdhury became king. In his period Horonath spreads his estate and many development have been done. He dig many ponds next to the royal palace to solve fresh drinking water crisis for the people. A school was established in 1864 by the initiative of the royal family. This school is named after the name of King Horonath.