Schools and Colleges in Naogaon Upazila

Schools and Colleges Picture of Naogaon Upazila

Naogaon K. D. Government High School near KD'r Mor

Naogaon is the main city of this district. This city is the administrative center of the district. Naogaon Upazila has many government, semi-government and private schools and colleges. There are total three of public schools. Two of the boys school and one girls school. There are many schools and colleges outside of Naogaon Upazila too. We travel to some of the schools and colleges and took the picture. These are among the most reputed schools and colleges as well as other schools and colleges in the picture.

Inside picture of Naogaon K. D. Government High School
This old red building class room and office room now

Naogaon Zilla School main buildring and play ground

Naogaon Astan Molla Degree College in Ukil Para
beside of KD Government School

Naogaon Government Girls High School
near Naogaon K. D. Government High School

Naogaon Govt University College
mostly known as Naogaon Degree College

Paharpur G.M. High School
Dubolhati Raja Horonath High School near Dubalhati Rajbari
established by Dubalhati Royal family

Chalk Atitha High School, Naogaon

Khidirpur High School near Bolirghat bazaar

Barshail High School, Naogaon

Kirtipur Government Primary School, Naogaon

Barshail Government Primary School, Naogaon
Paharpur Government Primary School, Naogaon
If you are a person born in Naogaon and found your school or college that we will be very glad. Thanks for visiting this blog.

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