Information Portals of Naogaon District and 11 Upazila

Govt. Information Portals of Naogaon district with links

Bangladesh government taking many initiatives to deliver services to the citizen at home. These initiatives are part of the government's Digital Bangladesh initiative. The government has taken same initiatives for the people of Naogaon district to give citizens civil service at home via internet. Citizens who use the Internet, they easily can get variety range of services such as Birth Registration application, Death Registration application, Case application etc. Citizens can find some common laws on Naogaon district and 11 Upazila's websites. This is a good initiative and those steps will ensure people's empowerment as well. Citizens will be encouraged to comply with the law if they know it.

Naogaon District is basically depends on agriculture. This district has so many Hats and bazaars. Citizens who interested to take lease these Hats and Bazaars will find tender notices on the web-portals. Various government offices and their common information can be found on those websites too.

Government Information Portals of Naogaon District and 11 Upazila's of Naogaon are here. Address link of those websites included next to the screen shot images.

Naogaon District Portal

Schools and Colleges in Naogaon Upazila

Schools and Colleges Picture of Naogaon Upazila

Naogaon K. D. Government High School near KD'r Mor

Naogaon is the main city of this district. This city is the administrative center of the district. Naogaon Upazila has many government, semi-government and private schools and colleges. There are total three of public schools. Two of the boys school and one girls school. There are many schools and colleges outside of Naogaon Upazila too. We travel to some of the schools and colleges and took the picture. These are among the most reputed schools and colleges as well as other schools and colleges in the picture.

Naogaon Astan Molla Degree College

Astan Molla Degree College, Naogaon