Rabeca Soren interview on Christian-Indigenous leader of Naogaon Alfred murder

Rebeca Soren telling, after that killing we were filed a case. And the villagers went to the local police office. But, police didnt take any initiative. Though, police was confined our peoples (Indigenous). Then general people were beaten to the policemen. We were told to the police that, the terrorists killed to Alfred. But, police obstructed to general people. We informed to the local officer in charge of police. But, they didnt take action on killers. They didnt hear our appeal. Actually he (OC) was taken bribe from the killers. From the village one after another at least three persons went to the police station and informed to the OC. After knew the killing, OC wasnt given permission to the people for come to the village.

She told, the Alfred Soren murder case is now in the High Court. Though, the case was in local court of Naogaon. But the killers was doing writ again and again. The accused killers were taking bail again and again. But, their bail was cancelled during the Emergency period. Now they are staying in the area. They occupied 120 Bighas land which had possession us. Another brother was threatened by the killers. He was flown from the village after Alfred killing. Later I was taken him to here for my security. The killers told us that, now they want to kill my younger brother.
After receiving threat we were informed to the local police. Now we have no security. We are afraid for their inner conflict. Now the land lords (accused killers) are divided by two factions. We seem that, they would be fight themselves then they accuse to us. Still they are making conspiracy. In the dark night they made meeting to taking revenge on us.

Firstly, they offered me to compromise. They told me that, if I would not agree with their proposal then they will kill me like my brother Alfred Soren. I was told them, never I could betray with blood. No one can buy to me. I always ready to sacrifice my life. In spite of I cant sit for compromise with the killers. Now, they are doing conspiracy by other way. My brother was killed in day light by inhumanly. I want to real justice for my brother killing. If wouldnt getting justice of Alfred Soren murder then the killers would be killed to me and my younger brother. Not only that those who are honest and are fighting for the poor people they might me victimized by the killers. Administration attitude has changed to us.

Now they havent giving importance to us. Though, after the incident they were very much conscious for our security. Previous time, when we feel problem and went to the administration then they were giving helped us very hurry. But, now that attitude is not alive. If the administration wouldnt help us then we couldnt stay here. We want justice and security. At present reality is that, administrations are running for money. And those who have money they have getting importance from police and administration. The moneymen have giving money to the police.
This interview was taken at first week of January, 2010.

Jahangir Alam Akash

Video and article source: Youtube

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