Naogaon park

Image collection and integration, Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed
Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Naogaon
Date: 1st January 2010

District Council Park, Naogaon

Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park (Bengali: নওগাঁ জেলা পরিষদ পার্ক) is the heart of Naogaon town. The commentary said that in 1920 British period the District Council Park established to the middle point of Naogaon town. Area of the Park is 2.46 acres of land. Naogaon District Council is responsible for this Park. A deputy secretary of People's Republic of Bangladesh, who is chief executive officer, and who is responsible person for the Naogaon District Council park.

SpectaclesThis is surrounded by Park inside has a pond of has a pond of 1.20 acres.
This is surrounded by coconut trees and other plants. There are several species fish to the pond. Pond is too deep. Inside the Park two roads is created separately for men and women walking. There are two internal roads in park. You need three minutes to cross inside road and four minutes for outside road. Length of outside road is 3415 feet.

Walkway inside the park

Park within the flower leaves climb, with many precious polyalthia long folia trees decorated for the beauty of the incremental scale. There is an office room inside the park. South East of park has raised an exercise room. These by are 49 seated. Have 5 umbrellas for the people sitting there. 

Beautiful pond inside Naogaon park

Park management
One park supervisor, 4 cleaner were involved and a night-watchman for fair management. From 6.00 am until 9.00pm the park is open for public recreation and navigation. East - North side of the park raised a library. There are different types of books in the library and regular daily newspaper can be found. Maintenance has been a librarian for the library. During summer and winter afternoon at 5.00 am to 4.00 pm from the afternoon sun plunge the library is open.

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