Monuments of Paharpur Vihara, Bangladesh

Paharpur, Naogaon, Bangladesh

"The continues to be of Paharpur are one of the most well known Buddhist monasteries in the southeast part of Japan. The heavy cruciform framework of cooked rock, with a wide main courtyard surrounded by 177 monastic tissues, containing many votive candles stupas and shrines, was covered with the substantial forehead in its center. The clay plaques ornamenting its underground room surfaces are particularly excellent.

Over the last 50 years, this monument has worsened to a large, due to the general level of the location which has increased significantly. During rain, the excavated place becomes a lake, completely placing the lower areas of the underground room wall together with their unique rock and clay relieves, resulting in damage by the activity of salt and dangerous plants growth, while water increasing by capillary activity impacts the higher areas.

UNESCO's venture included the planning of specific programs with costs reports, an equipment list and staff specifications for the enhancement of the clinical and specific programs for the recovery and display of Paharpur Vihara of Bangladesh. Trial efficiency work was efficiently carried out on the rock and clay components and the set up of the water flow and drainage system was accomplished."

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