An indigenous young girl murdered after sexual assault in Naogaon

Photo: Samar Michael Soren, Naogaon

On 19 May 2012 a 7-year old slight indigenous young girl known as Sagori Oraon was murdered after sexual assault by Arabic auto-rickshaw car owner (Bhut-bhuti driver) known as Nannu Mian (25) s/o Ataur Rahman at Mohammadpur town of Paharpur nation under Badalgachi upazila of Naogaon section.

It is found that Nannu Mian, a homeowner of close by Mohammadpur town of Naogaon District, often trips to Shuka Oraon’s home where the sufferer along with her mother and father has been remaining for a month. Thus a excellent connection was designed between Nannu Mian and Shula Oraon’s family. By taking the benefits of excellent regards, Nannu Mian himself presented with Sagori Oraon.

On 19 May 2012 Nannu Mian took Sagori Oraon in the name of viewing his aunt’s home at Mohammadpur town. Then, on the way to her aunt’s home, Nannu Mian raped and murdered the young lady. Following day the next day the villagers of the Mohammadpur town found the deceased system of Sagori Oraon at bananas yard. It is alleged that after eliminating Nannu Mian left deceased system of Sagori Oraon at this bananas yard at night.

Later the cops of Bodolgachi cops place hurried to the bananas yard and retrieved the deceased system and sent for publish mortem. It is found that vaginal body organ of the sufferer was seriously damaged.

On 20 May 2012 at around 5.00 pm when the deceased system was taken to the Bishpur town, a heart splitting situation was showed up in the identify. The mother and father and older sibling of sufferer rush out weeping at that time. With regards to this event cops registered a case. Mean while cops caught the mother and father and a regards of Nannu Mian. Lastly, on 23 May 2012 at around 5.00 pm cops caught the criminal Nannu Mian.

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