Rabeca Soren interview on Christian-Indigenous leader of Naogaon Alfred murder

Rebeca Soren telling, after that killing we were filed a case. And the villagers went to the local police office. But, police didnt take any initiative. Though, police was confined our peoples (Indigenous). Then general people were beaten to the policemen. We were told to the police that, the terrorists killed to Alfred. But, police obstructed to general people. We informed to the local officer in charge of police. But, they didnt take action on killers. They didnt hear our appeal. Actually he (OC) was taken bribe from the killers. From the village one after another at least three persons went to the police station and informed to the OC. After knew the killing, OC wasnt given permission to the people for come to the village.

Indigenous-Christian leader Alfred Soren killing history

Indigenous-Christian leader Alfred Soren killing history

Naogaon, Bangladesh
by Jahangiralam Akash

Indigenous-Christian leader Alfred Soren murder... by jahangiralamakash

Monuments of Paharpur Vihara, Bangladesh

Paharpur, Naogaon, Bangladesh

"The continues to be of Paharpur are one of the most well known Buddhist monasteries in the southeast part of Japan. The heavy cruciform framework of cooked rock, with a wide main courtyard surrounded by 177 monastic tissues, containing many votive candles stupas and shrines, was covered with the substantial forehead in its center. The clay plaques ornamenting its underground room surfaces are particularly excellent.

An indigenous young girl murdered after sexual assault in Naogaon

Photo: Samar Michael Soren, Naogaon

On 19 May 2012 a 7-year old slight indigenous young girl known as Sagori Oraon was murdered after sexual assault by Arabic auto-rickshaw car owner (Bhut-bhuti driver) known as Nannu Mian (25) s/o Ataur Rahman at Mohammadpur town of Paharpur nation under Badalgachi upazila of Naogaon section.

Case panics Naogaon Adivasi conflict victims

Case panics Naogaon Adivasi conflict victims

Having missing their bread-earners in the May 4 conflict, family members of four Adivasi employees in Naogaon are moving their lifestyle in panic; as cops registered a situation registered by the stated murders against a variety of un-named Adivasi men.

The family members indicated their concerns on Saturday when a band of public activists, such as attorneys, correspondents, and growth activists led by author Syed Abul Maksud from Dhaka, frequented them at Pungi Niboda town in Niamatpur.

Tagore’s Krishi Bank institution dossiers discovered in Naogaon

The dossier is old and rare and needs further research
to be deciphered (top); Matiur Rahman Mamun (L) has
been collecting Tagore memorabilia since 2003

Unusual consideration claims of Krishi Bank institution in Patisar and zamindari declaration of records of Shilaidaha Property supervised by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore have been lately retrieved from Bilkrishnapur town, under Raninagar Upazila of Naongoan district.

Tagore fanatic Matiur Rahman Mamun, of Patisar under Atrai Upazila of the district, retrieved the records from the ownership of an excellent instructor, Abdul Hamid, a few days ago.

Naogaon park

Image collection and integration, Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed
Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Naogaon
Date: 1st January 2010

District Council Park, Naogaon

Naogaon Zilla Parishad Park (Bengali: নওগাঁ জেলা পরিষদ পার্ক) is the heart of Naogaon town. The commentary said that in 1920 British period the District Council Park established to the middle point of Naogaon town. Area of the Park is 2.46 acres of land. Naogaon District Council is responsible for this Park. A deputy secretary of People's Republic of Bangladesh, who is chief executive officer, and who is responsible person for the Naogaon District Council park.