Alfred Soren of Naogaon murder and justice

Alfred Soren

An Natural town located within of the Rajshahi-Naogaon freeway from Rajshahi to Naogaon towards before Naohata moar. There is a severe where resting Alfred Soren. He was the most well-known Indigenous-Christian innovator. He was residing in the south aspect of Bangladesh. This image is the Natural town Vimpur Sorderpara. It’s located at Mohadevpur sub section under Naogaon section. 19 Natural household members were residing in this Natural town. At least 275 Bigha (around 92 acres) place is the govt place (Khash land) in this town. Out of these areas 40 miles were ownership under Natural group. But the place lords desired to take up this place by power from Natural individuals.

The terrorists categories were assaulted to the Natural town on Eighteenth Aug, 2000 during the Awami Group interval for take up this place. They murdered to Alfred Soren in humanly. They were set flame to the homes and looted. The terrorists were attempt to eliminating to kid, females and other earliest individuals during assault. At least 25 were seriously damaged by the terrorists assaulted on Eighteenth Aug of 2000.

After this assault 5 Natural household members were traveled from this town for secure their lifestyle. Currently only 14 Bighas place are belongings under Natural group. And 14 Natural household members are residing there to really like this place. Though, still they are in in danger by the powerful place lords. Natural individuals are anxiety by the ongoing risk.

After the assault Rebeca Soren who is the sis of murdered Alfred Soren was registered a eliminating situation against the murders. Though, still they are weeping for rights and for their protection. But, the murders are freely sauntering here and there.

Rebeca Soren advised that, my sibling Alfred Soren was a innovator of Natural and group community in this place. The primary reason of Alfred Soren eliminating was to pick up the place and persecution of Natural and group individuals. The influential’s are populated the place of group and Natural group by power. Not only that, they also torturing to the group and Natural against the law. My sibling was protested against this bad activity. He was recuperating the areas which were populated by the place lords. Godai and Schitesh are the primary causes to torturing us and getting our areas. Pijush Bhattacharya was taken here to our dad and huge dads. He was dedicated to provide five Bighas areas for household preserves and another five Katha place for stay each household. And already have approved 12 decades of his guaranteed. But, he just didn't meet his investment.
Alfred was connect with Godai for meet their investment. Then they were began conspiracy theory against Alfred. On 4th Aug, 2000 the terrorists of place lords were tormented to the Natural individuals. Alfred was registered a situation against the enemies in this relationship. After then the intense event of Eighteenth Aug, 2000 was occurred. The Natural group was structured a demonstration conference against Natural persecution at Naohata Moar of Naogaon on Eighteenth Aug, 2000. Alfred was installation a level for the demonstration conference. After then he was arriving in the home for morning meal. In that period the enemies were arriving from four factors towards Natural town. The terrorists of Godai and Schitesh were complete of various weaponry. They were set flame to our homes and straws of paddy. They were tossed stones and brickbats to us. And they were defeating, torturing to us by unsystematically. I was damaged by their putting stones. I was also tried to secure Alfred by two paddy products. The enemies advised to Alfred that, these days we destroy you.

In that period I was experience anxious. We were (brother-sister) to go in the place to cover up. But, they were set flame that place. My exhalation was arriving to quit. Then I was damaged a screen and went from that place. At a level they were discovered to Alfred. My sibling was expected to them for asking his lifestyle from them. But, they murdered him by cut with various weaponry.

Rebeca Soren advised, after that eliminating we were registered a situation. And the villagers went to the regional cops workplace. But, cops just didn't take any effort. Though, cops was enclosed our individuals (Indigenous). Then common individuals were defeated to the cops. We were advised to the cops that, the terrorists murdered to Alfred. But, cops blocked to common individuals. We advised to the regional official in cost of cops. But, they just didn't take activity on murders. They just didn't listen to our charm. Actually he (OC) was taken offer from the murders. From the town one after another at least three individuals went to the cops place and advised to the OC. After realized the eliminating, OC was not given authorization to the individuals for come to the town.

She advised, the Alfred Soren eliminating situation is now in the Great Trial. Though, the situation was in regional court. But the murders was doing writ again and again. The charged murders were getting help again and again. But, their help was terminated during the Urgent situation interval. Now they are remaining in the place. They populated 120 Bighas place which had ownership us. Another sibling was in danger by the murders. He was traveled from the town after Alfred eliminating. Later I was taken him to here for my protection. The murders advised us that, now they want to destroy my youthful sibling.

After getting risk we were advised to the regional cops. Now we have no protection. We are reluctant for their inner issue. Now the place lords (accused killers) are separated by two categories. We seem that, they would be combat themselves then they accuse to us. Still they are creating conspiracy theory. In the soldier they created conference to getting vengeance on us.

Firstly, they provided me to bargain. They advised me that, if I would not acknowledge with their offer then they will destroy me like my sibling Alfred Soren. I was advised them, never I could betray with system. No one can buy to me. I always willing to compromise my lifestyle. Despite I cannot sit for bargain with the murders. Now, they are doing conspiracy theory by other way. My sibling was murdered in day lighting by inhumanly. I want to actual rights for my sibling eliminating. If would not getting rights of Alfred Soren eliminating then the murders would be murdered to me and my youthful sibling. Not only that those who are sincere and are battling for the the indegent they might me offended by the murders. Management mind-set has modified to us.

Mahisantosh Mosque, Dhamairhat, Naogaon

Mahisantosh Mosque located near the India-Bangladesh edge about 13 km northern western of Dhamairhat Thana Sadar in Naogaon place. mahisantosh, known from Pre-Muslim periods, came to reputation during the guideline of Sultan ruknuddin barbak shah (1459-1474) who raised its place to an excellent town and known as it Barbakabad after him. Many traditional hemorrhoids, located in different places of the town, can still be monitored. In 1916 the varendra analysis team conducted a traditional excavation at Mahisantosh in the remains of the Jami Masjid heap. A little element of the mosque was exposed. Very lately individuals, after removing weeds, vegetation and junk of the Jami Masjid heap have developed up a new chauchala tin shade kacha creating on the old ranking of the mosque to perform Sunday desires. From the present remains it is still possible to recover the exclusive design of the mosque.

A Piece of Tagore in Patisar, Naogaon

A Piece of Tagore in Patisar

Patisar, a small village in Atrai, Naogaon, should have received wide publicity like Shelaidah and Shajadpur, because of its long association with Rabindranath Tagore. The main Katchary of Parayannan Kaligram is seven miles east of Atrai railway junction. The village stands on the bank of the Nagar, a small river that becomes dry in summer. In the rainy season the village looks like a small island with a vast sheet of water all around it, which presents an excellent panoramic view.

The Nagar covers more than 40 miles long distance and there is a good number of villages on its bank. In the past, like in other parts of the country, people in the riparian villages depended on the Nagar for communication and irrigation in the dry season. But those days are gone, now the Nagar is a helpless victim of droughts. If re-excavated the Nagar again can be useful for cultivation and beneficial to the common people of the area.