Pakuria Mass-killing 1971 of Naogaon

Naogaon: Pakuria Mass-killing, labels the eliminating of over one number of individuals by Pakistani army, will be seen in the section on Aug 28 (Monday).

On this day in 1971, the profession Pakistani makes together with regional collaborators murdered 128 individuals at Pakuria Great University floor in Manda upazila.

The Pakistani army joined into the upazila from Rajshahi in the other day of Aug by street and taken deceased one Meher Ali as the individuals put barricade on the street to avoid them.

Later, they also murdered nine individuals of Hindu group at Deluabari Bazaar and set up a camping at Pakuria Great University, 2km off the Bazaar.

During that period, the profession soldiers found some 200 individuals from different places of the upazila and murdered 128 individuals in brushfires at the college floor the next day of Aug 28.

The systems were later thrown out in a close by dump without having namaz-e-janaza, heirs said.

After freedom, individuals registered the brands and details of 73 martyrs but the identification of staying 55 individuals could not be confirmed.

There was no effort from the govt or any company in this respect.

Local individuals advised the govt to set up a mausoleum here instantly in commemoration of the individuals who diminished their life for the cause of the nation's freedom.