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Map of Sapahar Upazila
Sapahar Upazila

Sapahar Upazila (naogaon district) with an place of 244.49 sq km, is surrounded by Western Bengal of Indian on the northern and west, porsha upazila on the southern region, patnitala upazila on the eastern. Main stream is Punarbhaba; Jaboi Beel is significant.

Sapahar (Town) includes 4 mouzas. The place of the city is 8.39 sq km. It has a inhabitants of 6008; men 55.21%, women 44.79%. Knowledge rate among the city people is 40.4%. It has one dakbungalow.

Sapahar thana, now an upazila, was founded in 1980. It includes 6 nation parishads 151 mouzas and 228 towns.

Religious institutions
Mosque 209, forehead 22, chapel 1.

115320; men 50.68%, women 49.32%; Islamic 91.99%, Hindu 6%, others 2.01%; mentioned cultural nationals: Mal and Munda.

Literacy and academic institutions
Average literacy 20.24%; men 27.56% and women 12.92%. Educational institutions: govt higher education 1, non-government higher education 4, govt university 1, non-government university 23, govt primary university 47, non-government primary university 40, team university 6, satellite tv university 3, madrasa 42.

Cultural organisations
Club 2, community collection 1, non-urban team 56, theatre lounge 1, theatre 1, theatre team 4, play area 43.

Main occupations
Agriculture 52.15%, farming labourer 29.58%, salary labourer 3.07%, industry 5.14%, service 2.47%, others 7.59%.

Land use
Total cultivable place 25162 hectares, fallow place 100 hectares; individual plants 72%, twice plants 19% and highs plants place 9%.

Land control
Among the peasants, 27% are landless, 18% small, 35% method and 20% wealthy.

Value of land
Market value of place of first quality is roughly Tk 2500 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops
Paddy, whole grain or grain, water melons and mustard seeds.

Extinct or nearly vanished crops
Aus paddy, sesame, linseed, arhar.

Main fruits
Mango, jackfruit, bananas and pawpaw.

Dairies, poultries and fisheries
Dairy 1, chicken 17, fishery 1.

Communication facilities
Roads: pucca 16 km, partial pucca 22 km and mud street 325 km.

Ice manufacturer 2, flour perform 2, furnace 29, grain perform 17.

Cottage industries
Bamboo perform 122, goldsmith 12, blacksmith 24, potteries 85, wooden perform 168, device 292 and welding 6.

Main exports
Paddy, whole grain or grain and mustard seeds.

Hats and bazars
Battali, Bakharpur, Sapahar, Khelnarhat, Khandanpur, Chowmahani Madhail, Patarihat and Tilna Bazar are mentioned.

NGO activities
Operationally importand NGOs are brac, asa, proshika, Ujjiban, caritas and Varendra Prokalpa.

Health centres
Upazila wellness complicated 1, nation wellness and household well being hub (RD) 1, nation household well being hub (FWC) 4, household well being prokalpa 2.

Data by: Banglapedia

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