Patnitala Upazila :: Naogaon

Map of Patnitala Upazila
Patnitala Upazila

Patnitola Upazila (naogaon district) with an place of 382.39 sq km, is surrounded by dhamoirhat upazila and Western Bengal of Indian on the northern, mohadevpur upazila on the southern region, badalgachhi upazila on the eastern, sapahar and porsha upazilas on free airline. Main estuaries and waterways are Atrai and Shiba.

Patnitala (Nazipur Town) includes four mouzas. The place of the city is 4.73 km. It has a inhabitants of 8586; men 54.29%, women 45.71%; solidity of inhabitants is 1815 per sq km; knowledge 58.1%.

Patnitala was created a thana in 1907 and was changed into an upazila in 1983. The upazila has 11 labor unions and 301 towns.

198164; men 51.26%, women 48.74%; Islamic 76.48%, Hindu 16.41%, Religious 1.3%, others 5.81%; cultural nationals: Santals and Oraon.

Literacy and academic institutions
Average knowledge 11.5%; men 17.3%, women 5.6%.
Educational institutions: higher education 4, university 37, govt primary university 82, non-government primary university 39, madrasa 12; Sarlabala (Gandhi) Ladies School (1920), Nazipur Head Great School (1930) are significant.

Religious institutions
Mosque 336, forehead 147, chapel 9, pilgrim 1.

Cultural organisations
Public collection 3, non-urban team 24, cinema team 4, womens enterprise 1, play area 6.

Main occupations
Agriculture 49.31%, farming labourer 31.77%, industry 6.54%, salary labourer 1.77%, assistance 3.22%, others 7.39%.

Land use
Cultivable place 30995 hectares, fallow place 283 hectares; individual plants 44%, twice plants 38% and highs plants place 18%. Land under watering 95%.

Land management
Among the peasants, 8% are landless, 48% minor, 33% method and 11% wealthy.

Value of land
The industry value of place is about Tk 5000 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops
Paddy, whole grain or grain, spud and vegetables.

Extinct or nearly vanished crops
Aus paddy, barley and smoking cigarettes.

Main fruits
Mango, jackfruit, bananas, litchi, melon.

Dairies, fisheries and poultries Milk products 2, fishery 1, hatchery 1, chicken 20.

facilities Roads: pucca 35.66 km, partial pucca 480 km and mud street 418.27 km.

Traditional transport
Palanquin, equine buggy and bullock trolley. These indicates of transportation are either vanished of nearly vanished.

Flour perform 2, ice manufacturer 6, dessert manufacturer 4, grain perform 50. Cottage sectors Bamboo sprouts bedding perform 7, goldsmith 42, blacksmith 115, wooden perform 400, developing 255, welding 20.

Minerals resources
Copper place at Ambati and a limestone place at Chawk Nirkhin. Hats, bazars and gatherings Less difficult and bazars are 25, most mentioned of which are Madhail, Shibpur and Naziput; mentioned gatherings are organised on the event of Chaitra Sangkranti at Trimohani, Baruni Snan Mela, Kashipur, Padmapukur and Jatnipatni Melas.

Main exports
Molasses, paddy, grain, melon.

NGOs activities
Operationally essential NGOs are caritas, CARE, proshika, brac, asa and thengamara mahila sabuj sangha.

Health centres
Upazila wellness complicated 1, satellite tv hospital 6, household preparing hub 5.

Data by: Banglapedia