Paharpur of Naogaon, Bangladesh


A beautiful picture of Paharpur

Somapura Mahavihara known as Paharpur Bihar or Paharpur Vihara. Paharpur vihara is the biggest known monastery in the southern region of Himalayas. Paharpur is now a little village 5 km western of Jamalganj at Badalgachi upazila in Naogaon dristrict (greater Rajshahi district) where the continues to be of the most essential and the biggest known monastery in the southern region of the Himalayas has been excavated. Paharpur or Shompur Bihar was designed by Master Dharmapal Dev (770-810), who was the second king of the Pal Empire. As it was remaining in a discontinued condition for years, it changed into a very great hillock, and this triggered the individuals to contact it Paharpur.

Central temple of Paharpur or Sompur Bihar

A Close view of Paharpur Bihara Central Temple

It was found in 1807 and the discovery performs started in 1875. The size of the main forehead of the Bihar is roughly 80 toes. This 7th millennium historical discovers protects roughly a place of 27 miles of place. The whole organization, using a quadrangular trial, calculating more than 900 ft. on the outside on each part, has great enclosure-walls about 16 ft. in width and from 12 ft. to 15 ft. size With intricate entrance complicated on the northern, there are 45 tissues on the northern and 44 in each of the other three factors with a amount of 177 areas. The structure of the pyramidal cruciform forehead is significantly affected by those of South-East Japan, especially Myanmar and Coffee.

How to go?

Firstly you need to go Naogaon town from anywhere of Bangladesh. From Naogaon town, ride on a bus for Paharpur Bazaar. It's approximately 34 KM away from the town. From Naogaon central bus stand, buses leave for Joypurhat after every one hour. Paharpur Bazaar is located in this root. After arriving there call a rickshaw or three wheeler and ride on it for Paharpur Vihara. This is just ten minutes walk away and five minutes rickshaw distance from that Bazaar.

Photo: Rumon Anam

Central temple

Central temple

Some local visitors at Paharpur

Top of the roof of Buddhist room

Top of the roof of Buddhist room



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